My Overall Reviews Of Ryan Tanner Smart Solar Box

For almost two years, we are powering our house with revolutionary free energy device "Smart Solar Box", that saved us several thousands of dollars so far.

Every month, our electricity bill is reduced by amazingly 80%, because the device helped realize that we can, and we must save more on electricity bills, without losing the comfort of using electricity and home appliances.

In fact, we're having more electric appliances than ever, but our electricity bills are still dropping.

Of course, we didn't achieve these significant savings on our bills just using Smart Solar Box, we also invest in energy-efficient appliances and lights, because every savings gave us the stimulus to save even more money in our pocket.

With this portable device generator, you'll have all the power you need under one roof. It gives you independence using a free energy source that is also renewable.

Expensive solar panel installation with battery storage is a past - Smart Solar Box is affordable to all.

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​​It doesn't take up much space as a conventional solar power system; it's more reliable and durable with battery backup installed.

Also, It doesn't need any maintenance, and you don't need any permits to power your house with an additional green source of energy.

That's why I consider this portable device generator to be the most revolutionary thing that happened to humankind.

We didn't hesitate to order and pay a really symbolic amount for manual to DIY and connect all the parts of this simple free energy device, from the first time when we found out about this system.

​All the detailed instruction about the program was in our inbox as soon as we confirmed payment of just ONE dollar​.

​After going through the program, my husband, graphic designer by profession, has not replaced a single bulb in his life, but he followed this step-by-step guide and assembled this energy saver device.

It's not rocket science to properly connect and wire all parts, but you must strictly follow the guidelines and provide all needed components.

This box can benefit you in many ways, and I'll mention several that I have experienced over the last two years of use. Hopefully, this smart solar box review will help you decide whether to give it a try or not.

Below you will find some benefits I have recognised over the years of its usage:

​✅ Ultimate autonomy and reliable power supply during power outages.

​✅ Electricity bills decreased by 80%.

​✅ A small and light device that can be used anytime and anywhere.

✅ No maintenance needed.

​✅ A low-cost product that will payoff itself and boost your budget for thousands of dollars yearly.


​Do I have any complaints about this DIY program?

My straight forward answer will be a big NO!

And you will get to know, how this small device helped me in a ​catastrophic incident by reading the full article.

I will strongly say that Investing in this online program will benefit you and your budget in many ways, the entire investment pays off very fast, just in first two or three months with savings on your electricity bill.

It doesn't have moving parts, so no maintenance is required, and it consists of smaller solar panels attached to powerful batteries, and you can put it away at any place.

Because of its performance, I consider it to be an incredible alternative energy source - it has higher output and power the house longer than any solar system, even at night, and what's the most important, it can power your home needs for several days.

Especially during this California's power outages caused by wildfires, we are powering the necessary devices such as refrigerator, freezer, security system, light bulbs, stove, and our mobile phones.

That's the main reason our neighbors are fastly ordering this DIY instruction these days, especially because of announcements from utility companies that power blackouts will be frequent for the next ten years in the wildfires season.

​So, Why I just didn't gave the ​plans about how to build ​this solar generator?

​Because I just wanted my friends and neighbors to get the full benefits of the program.

One dollar to join and try the program is nothing compared to technical support that you'll have if you buy this amazing tutorial on how to assemble your own free energy device. ​

Electricity rates are going up, and you can not affect that, but you can instantly cut your electricity bills and stop paying that abnormal figure!

Just imagine, you can save every month by lowering your electricity bill and afford something that you and your family enjoy, instead of throwing money away for something that you can get for free!

With Smart Solar Box, you're not leaving your money on the table, you are not paying dramatical power bills, and you can still have a reliable source of energy at any moment!

Limited Time Offer. Just Deposit $1

So, Does It Really Work?

This question will be answered ​through ​a ​near-death experience ​that ​my ​daughter ​had to face unfortunately.

​By sharing ​my story, it will help you see how these beautiful inventions and creativity can affect positively in human life.

We should always be grateful for the creators like Ryan Tanner, who is trying to make the world a better place.

At least, he is trying, Right?

And as a user of his product, I can confidently say that he has done a great job delivering it.

As you may not realize, but our true nature is to tend to be happy and satisfied, only that way we can reach our full potential to be great persons, a kind neighbors, and full of love and understanding for others.

In the land of boundless opportunities, there seems to be an almost infinite number of approaches to make our lives easier, but there are also moments when we have no control over what happens, and we realize how powerless we are.

When a moment that changes your life from the root happens, you have to decide you deserve a better life, and you wake up as a new person.

That's what exactly happened to us.

We have had one experience that shed light on my life back in 2017.

​My ​daughter had asthma and a dozen allergies on some ordinary things from the air, so we're spending holidays and weekends in a rented mountain cottage on Mt Baldy. ​

One evening, Southern California Edison cut off the power, leaving us in the dark. It was not the first time for us to stay in the cottage without electricity, so we're prepared.

After several hours under candlelight, we all went to sleep.

I was sleeping in a room with my ​little angel, and in the middle of the night, she starts to breathe heavily. I had ​her medicament's with me, but suddenly I realized that we cannot plug in the inhaler!

I'm usually not panicking, but this situation clouded my mind.

I woke up my husband and the older son. ​He took our ​daughter to the car, we all get in, wearing just pajamas and socks, shaking from the cold and sweating from the panic.

I was just praying to get on time to inhale ​her. We were going instinctively towards the village, driving in the dark through the forest. My heart was beating, and ears were pulsing, I prayed that the seconds pass more slowly than the beating of my heart.

We had 15 minutes for the miracle to happen and to get to the ambulance. Those are the worst and cruelest minutes I've ever had in my life.

I felt helpless, chest pain tore me, and I only hear my ​daughter's short breaths who were getting louder and shorter.

My husband was turning towards the village, and there, for about 9 miles to our destination, I saw lights in the wood.

I screamed at my husband to turn the car and drive to the lights. I thought I was hallucinating, and so did not even blink eyes. I felt that the light would disappear if I stop looking at it for one second.

And there were we.

​I ran and knocked to the door of an old mountain cottage to ask to plugin inhaler to their power generator, and one ​old man opens the door and lets us in.

My voice was shaking; my hands barely poured the medication into the inhaler and hit the socket.

I just sat, hugged my ​daughter, and put ​her face on the inhaler, holding ​her head firmly and counting ​her breaths, uttering words of gratitude.

The old man was kind, offer us to stay in his house, but after my ​daughter firmly fell asleep, we carried them to the car and went to the cottage.

I even didn't say goodbye when we were leaving, although I felt deep respect and gratitude to the old man.

Honestly, I first thought it was a hoax

​We arrived in Rancho Cucamonga and continue our lives like nothing happened, although our hearts got another scar.

In the spring, we were packing again to spend a weekend in a mountain cottage, and I bought some supplies to bring to our old rescuer.

I was hoping that we'll find him well and tell him all the words of graces we felt for months.

We saw him as he seized the water from the well. I looked at him, and he looks the same as that night. Old and dirty blue T-shirt and old blue pants with patches, hanging around his waist.

He lifted his head, and a thick gray beard showed a smile when he saw us. I hugged him and gave him a bag with supplies without any words.

We sat on the stumps, and our ​children were already chasing four hens around the yard.

His name is Willie.

Willie retired and went to the mountain since his wife passed away ten years ago. They haven't had children, so he bought an old cottage for him from their savings.

He was satisfied living in the wild, growing his own food, and talking to his hens.

I asked him how he was buying supplies and fuel for his generator, he just looked at me and told me that he had one small toolbox that provides his cottage with enough energy to power lights and refrigerator.

He called it "the power box".

I was surprised and continue to ask him how that power box works without fuel, so he invited me inside the cottage to show me. There was just one plastic, and dirty box with some green LED diodes and some messy wiring.

Willie's so called "Power Box" that saved my ​daughter's life.

Willie explained to me that he has enough power for a whole week, and from time to time, he needs to charge battery storage using two small solar panels, which can be done even on a cloudy day.

​I knew he was a very good man by heart, but still, I ​was little hesitate to believe what he had just explained to me. 

So, as soon as we arrived home, I was searching on the internet to find out more about the manufacturer and to buy one power box for us.

We've had a generator that sounds awful, it was big, noisy, dirty and smelly, and often broke down.

It took me a whole week surfing on the internet to discover ​Ryan's program, and after reading all the reviews, I talked to my husband, and we agree that we don't have anything to lose.

Instead, we benefited a lot.

So, exactly what you get inside the program?

​It is a comprehensive ​online program that makes it easy for you to develop your energy source. 

You have detailed instructions and steps so that you won't miss a thing. What's more, there are images, pictures, and videos that help to bolster the instructions. In addition, there are other helpful information and tips on solar energy and its numerous benefits.

The program is more than just building your own energy source; it shows you a whole new world that is solar energy. 

To give you an insight into what the program covers, let's look at the topics that allow you to build your own mini solar power plant. 

​Completely digital product. The image is for demonstration purpose only.


Chapter 1: Introduction 

  • Basic Solar Energy Principle 
  • General Technical Information 

Chapter 2: Tools and Components 

  • Tools 
  • Electronic components

Chapter 3: Starting the Building Process 

  • Assembly Process 
  • Preparing the Box 
  • Wiring Process 
  • Summary

Chapter 4: Give the device a test 

Chapter 5: Places You Can Acquire Components 

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials are quite self-explanatory, and they give you a proper breakdown of how you can create your solar box. These video tutorials give you a step by step guide, and they are quite helpful.

Bonus: 10 Simple Steps To Create Your Solar Panels 

  • Using PV to produce your own system 
  • Types of Solar Cells and Calculating Power 
  • Components of System 
  • Optimal Positions for PV Panels 
  • Building Process 
    • What you require 
  • Steps to building and testing your solar panels 

Extra: Building Your Wind Generator 

  • General information about wind turbines 
  • The best position for your wind turbines 
  • Debunking common wind power myths 
  • Power Generation 
  • Generator Basics
  • Considering Towers
  • Battery Tips
  • Steps to creating your Wind Turbine

Using the Smart Solar Box to create your energy source is very advantageous both in the short and long term. It allows you to save money while having a reliable energy source you can rely on. 

​You don't need any technical skills or knowledge, all you need to do is follow the instructions, and you are good to go. 

The entire program is completely practical and hands-on. You can take it wherever you want to go and build your box.

​What is the real cost?

​​The only costs ​you have are buying video guidelines for $39.69, and if you're ordering components online, they could cost about $227, that's how much we paid for it.

In fact, we were paying just ONE dollar to get access to the guidelines, and a few days later, we were billed the rest of the price.

We weren't interested in investing more than $20,000 in solar panel installation that could be a complete disaster with additional costs of maintenance and cleaning, with up to 10 years payoff period.

No way!

Instead, we got this affordable, simple, light, portable Solar Smart Box that is saving us thousands of dollars yearly, and we're bringing it with us anywhere we go!

Oh! I ​almost ​forget to mention one more thing..

Another high selling point for the program is the fact that you are offered a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

So, you have 60 days to go through the program and experience the benefits firsthand. If you then end up not liking the program, there is the guarantee option to fall back on. So, it is a win-win for you.

Power Your ​​Everyday Life ​​With Free​​​ ​​Electricity

​It is designed to deliver reliable power during the longest possible service life.

When you are storing the free power from the sun in solar batteries, that's already established technology that costs a dozen thousand dollars.

But this free energy device is entirely different!

​By having this box, you can explore new opportunities, whether with a surplus in your budget, or if you are traveling, or even in emergency situations, you have a reliable power bank with you that can meet your needs, anytime and anywhere.

This tutorial is available at a small price, thanks to the generosity of a man who wants to provide free and unlimited energy for all of U.S.

​This DIY solar box is suitable for campers, trips, fishing, mountain lodges and cottages, as the primary source of energy or backup energy. It represents a simple, safe, and sustainable way of living.

​Completely Digital Product. The image is for demonstration purpose only.

Limited Time Offer. Just Deposit $1